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Take control and express yourself with a custom mobile number that is meaningful to you personally or to your business. Incorporate lucky numbers. Supercharge your marketing campaigns and communicate your brand to customers. Create a phone number that means business. Creating your own mobile number has never been easier.

The Largest Selection of Mobile Numbers in the UK

Creating a mobile number has never been easier. You pay nothing to request a custom mobile number.

  1. Fill in the form and submit your request.
  2. Receive all available options by email within three working days.
  3. Purchase your chosen mobile number.

Some housekeeping to avoid disappointment:

Only enter numbers - requests with letters or special characters are rejected.

It is not possible to retrieve old or expired mobile numbers.

Enter a minimum of 6 digits and a maximum of 7 digits that you would like to feature at the end of your number.

Prices for created numbers start from £225

If we can't find it, no-one else can.

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How it works

Getting a new mobile number doesn't need to be a game of lottery. You now have access to all available mobile numbers for sale in the UK. This is how you can create your own mobile number.

1. Submit a request

2. Complete purchase

3. Receive delivery

We make it a breeze to create the mobile number you are looking for. Millions of mobile numbers are made available to you on an as-need basis. 

Our bespoke service allows you to query all available mobile numbers matching the last six or seven digits you desire. 

We do all the heavy-lifting to ensure an easy and smooth process throughout ! 

  1. Fill in the form and submit your request, free of charge
  2. Select a mobile number from the list of available options
  3. Complete purchase securely through our website
  4. Receive the SIM by post or PAC by email within 7-10 working days
  5. Activate the SIM or complete transfer to your network provider

You pay nothing to submit a request. We also offer free worldwide delivery.

Prices for custom mobile numbers start from £225. Special number combinations will cost more. You will only ever be charged once for the custom number so there are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Once purchase is complete, you will receive an order confirmation by email.

  • 1-3 working days to source available options matching a number request
  • 5-8 working days to create and register the mobile number once purchased
  • 1-2 working days to complete UK delivery (add 3-5 working days for international delivery)
  • 5 minutes to activate the SIM once received OR 24 hours to transfer the number to another network with the PAC

All mobile numbers offered by us are brand new and will be registered on a SIM card for the first time - hence why it takes some time to complete your order. Once it's set up, we dispatch your number for delivery the next working day.

We will keep you updated throughout the process.

Yes, you can.

All of our numbers are portable, meaning they can be transferred to any UK network provider of your choice using the PAC code.

Step-by-step instructions on how to do this will be shared post-purchase – it is free and usually takes 24hours.

Our numbers work with all UK network providers, both on contract and PAYG.

If you decide to transfer your custom mobile number to an existing line, your contract will continue as normal.

The old number on your line will be replaced with your new custom number. This process is irreversible, so be sure that you longer need it.

key features

What makes us unique

From day one we set out to be a little different and that goes for what we offer too. And creativity is kind of our thing. Simply put, nobody does it like we do!

Largest selection

Access to the largest database of 95m UK mobile numbers.

Fairly priced

Competitive pricing that won't break the bank, starting from £225.

No obligations

It is free to submit a custom number request. No ifs, no buts. 

accessible to all 


Submitting a request is completely free of charge. Prices apply to the custom number you select. We operate on the most competitive pricing margin in the industry.


£190 from
  • + Free Delivery
  • + Millions of options available for purchase
  • + email support
  • + Response in 1-3 days


£500 from
  • + Free Delivery
  • + £10 free credit
  • + Phone & email support
  • + Special combinations
  • + Response in 1-3 days


£1K from
  • + Free Delivery
  • + £10 free credit
  • + Priority support
  • + Rare combinations
  • + Response in 24 hours


£3K from
  • + Free Delivery
  • + £10 free credit
  • + Priority support
  • + Exclusive discounts
  • + Response in 24 hours

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Order a Free SIM

Order your free giffgaff SIM card through this page to get £5 extra credit when you activate your SIM. Get your order for a free giffgaff SIM before 5.00pm for next day delivery. It's just that simple. 

Great value plans

SIM only plans are bundles of data, minutes and texts. No price increase in 2022!

Free to giffgaff

Keep in touch with your friends with free calls & texts to giffgaff numbers. 

You're in control

Flexible monthly plans give you the freedom to change your plan from month to month. 

  1. Get your SIM the next day when you order before 5pm, Mon-Fri.
  2. Activate your SIM at giffgaff.com
  3. giffgaff SIMs come in 3 sizes and fit any phone. Winning.

Switching networks is easier than ever. Just text PAC to 65075 and have your PAC code ready to use after you’ve activated your giffgaff SIM.

Simply, a goodybag is your monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts. Each month you choose which one is best for you, or you can have the same one recurring every month.

  • It’s never fun running out of data, especially when you really need some, which is why giffgaff gives members a little extra. Once you’ve bought your third goodybag, giffgaff will boost your data by 1 GB whenever you purchase a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag.

giffgaff plans can be used in the EU and selected destinations just like you use them at home and at no extra cost. Enjoy our low rates when calling outside the EU and selected destinations. Happy travels.

You'll always have a giffgaff member to support you through any issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, giffgaff is the mobile network run by you.

Earn Payback points by helping someone figure things out on the community or by bringing new members on-board, and many other things. It's giffgaff's way of saying thank you for being an awesome member.

Create Numbers recommends giffgaff as our preferred network of choice. One of the younger virtual networks running on O2, giffgaff is a digital disrubtor in an old-fashioned. Security is second to none with giffgaff. You have complete control through the online account. They conveniently remind you of important actions. These are only some of the many amazing features that make giffgaff our favourite.

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We're based in the UK and service customers worldwide. We have access to 100% all mobile network operators and active number ranges. Our mission is to make it possible and affordable for everyone to select the mobile number that best represents them.

  • Access to all active UK mobile number ranges.
  • A trusted and experienced partner.
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